1.  Explain the principal functions of the circulatory system.
  2. What process requires all our cells to take in O2 and produces CO2 as a waste product?
  3.  Label ALL the structures of the heart below.
  4. Draw arrows in color (red – oxygen rich, blue – oxygen poor) to show the direction of blood flow.Heart

    5.  Write the pathway of blood through the heart. Include all structures (vessels, chambers, & valves)
6.  How does the right side of the heart differ from the left side in oxygen content?
7.  Compare and contrast the pulmonary and systemic circulation.
8.  What is the function of the sinoatrial node?
9.  Explain the difference between a heart attack and a stroke.
10.  Fill out the table below on arteries, veins, and capillaries.

    11.  What are two physical differences between arteries and veins.

    12.  Why do arteries have thicker walls than veins?

    13.  What is the function of valves?

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